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Cheer Force One is a family owned, Faith-based competitive cheerleading program determined to teach the value of team and the importance of family. We believe that the strength of our athletes is measured not only by their physical strength, but their mental and spiritual strength as well. Our goal is to instill the important values of friendship, teamwork, leadership, integrity, loyalty and discipline that will guide each athlete for a lifetime. We empower our athletes and strive to provide solid direction and inspiration to each athlete. While competing athletically at the highest level, we encourage our athletes to respect their opponents, coaches, officials and each other. We expect our athletes to demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play. Our gym is staffed by experienced coaches and former athletes who understand what it means to be a competitive cheerleader and who serve as exceptional role models. We want to be your choice for all-star cheerleading and tumbling. We are here to build champions. Not just champions on the floor, but champions in life.


Each and every family is important to us and our program! You will not get lost in a crowd or feel like just another number. At Cheer Force One, not only are WE FAMILY, we have a place for every athlete that fits your wants in competitive cheer.


"This gym is about positive attitudes. From the “can do” approach toward all athletes to seeing the staff enthusiastically hug a cheerleader when she gets a new tumbling skill– from the beginning, the message has been “you are capable, and you are welcome here."

-P4XIII-We can do all things!

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 These are technique classes and you MUST HAVE the skill you are trying to improve.

Classes are limited to 4 athletes and MUST meet a minimum of 3 athletes to take place.  Once the minimum requirement is met, you will receive an email and your account will be invoiced. THERE IS NO REFUND ONCE YOUR ACCOUNT HAS BEEN INVOICED.  

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